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On 25/11/05, John Labenski <> wrote:
> I've heard about this and it does sound nice (as does the rest of
> 5.1), but where is the documentation for it? I don't see anything
> official on, or the wiki, or even with google. I see that
> LuaSocket 2.0 uses it so maybe I could dissect it to to figure it out.
> :(

     As someone has already pointed out in another email, the package
proposal is in the email archive:

> How is 5.1? It seems to have some great new features, but some of the
> bug reports posted here seem fairly critical. I think we better hold
> off a bit, since we don't want to change too many things at once and
> confuse ourselves.

     You could use Kepler Project's compat-5.1 to use the new
packaging schene while not moving to Lua 5.1 now.