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Hi All,

LuaSocket version 2.0 (final) is now available for download! It is
compatible with Lua 5.0 and has been tested on Windows XP, Linux, and
Mac OS X.

The homepage can be found at

but the source and binaries are now distributed by LuaForge at

What's New

There is no big change for the 2.0 (final) release. It is
basically a bug fix release. The main improvement is in the
non-blocking support.

  * New: sample module dispatch.lua implements a coroutine
    based dispatcher;
  * New: sample check-links.lua works both in blocking and
    non-blocking mode using coroutines (using the new
  * New: sample forward.lua implements a coroutine based
    forward server (using the new dispatcher);
  * Improved: tcp:send(data, i, j) to return (i+sent-1).  This
    is great for non-blocking I/O, but might break some code;
  * Improved: HTTP, SMTP, and FTP functions to accept a new
    field create that overrides the function used to create
    socket objects;
  * Improved: smtp.message now supports multipart/alternative
    (for the HTML messages we all love so much);
  * Fixed: smtp.send was hanging on errors returned by LTN12
  * Fixed: url.absolute() to work when base_url is in parsed
  * Fixed: http.request() not to redirect when the location
    header is empty (naughty servers...);
  * Fixed: tcp{client}:shutdown() to check for class instead
    of group;
  * Fixed: The manual to stop using socket.try() in place of
    assert(), since it can't;
  * Improved: Got rid of package.loaded.base = _G kludge;
  * Fixed: Parts of the manual referred to require("http")
    instead of require("socket.http");
  * Improved: Socket and MIME binaries are called 'core' each
    inside their directory (ex. "socket/core.dll"). The 'l'
    prefix was just a bad idea;
  * Improved: Using bundles in Mac OS X, instead of dylibs;
  * Fixed: luasocket.h to export luaopen_socket_core;
  * Fixed: udp:setpeername() so you can "disconnect" an UDP
  * Fixed: A weird bug in HTTP support that caused some
    requests to fail (Florian Berger);
  * Fixed: Bug in that caused sockets with
    descriptor 0 to be ignored (Renato Maia);
  * Fixed: "Bug" that caused dns.toip() to crash under uLinux
    (William Trenker);
  * Fixed: "Bug" that caused gethostbyname to crash under VMS
    (Renato Maia);
  * Fixed: tcp:send("") to return 0 bytes sent (Alexander
  * Improved: socket.DEBUG and socket.VERSION became
    socket._DEBUGs and socket._VERSION for uniformity with other
  * Improved: now works on empty sets on Windows.

Have fun!