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Ashish Ranjan wrote:
 some time back there was a discussion that javascript to lua
converter/compiler is  there and it is in process of being separated. can
anybody tell me that, is fusion available cleanly separately now, may be a
MS-windows build so that i can check the lua code generation.

Fusion is available separately if you go to:

you can see the source. This version builds with MSDev 7.1 and Code:Blocks on Windows. A group is currently working on a Linux port, but I will let them chime in about their plans for doing that work.

I have not yet done an official announcement because we are still cleaning up parts of it and getting the documentation in shape. I had hoped to get it done by mid-December, but another priority has come up. So it will probably be mid-January now. The most important piece for you is that Fusion does not currently do Javascript-to-Lua translation. That is part of what I plan to do for (the first official release).

But you can get the source (using svn) and build today. Fusion is a very nice C++ Lua wrapper and has Javascript compatible Object, Array and Math objects.

Let me know if you find it useful...

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