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On Fri, 2005-11-25 at 00:49 +0100, Klaus Ripke wrote:
> Easy to maintain?
> Like just redirecting from to
> In accordance with all those "standards" about major and minor and x,
> but blowing up just plain everything.

No dear.

Easy to maintain as in and thusly

There's a reason Debian's SONAME isn't "liblua" but is "liblua50" and
that's because the person who did the original packaging *THOUGHT* about
this problem and solved it.

> Yet, it's the packager's job to develop an overall
> coherent distribution, not the Lua author's task
> (considering all those platforms, many without
> a concept of major, minor or patchlevel versions).

Well, some would argue that it's upstream's job to actually follow the
rules about API/ABI compatibility in major/minor/revision versioning
systems, but Lua makes no claim to follow those rules and thus the
Debian packager's job is made somewhat easy by simply being careful
about the SONAMEs.

> OTOH, I'd really hate to see my app blow up just because
> of some "update" and so I will always link it statically.
> Using dietlibc or similar, it's not only self-contained
> and much faster, it's even smaller.

It's nice to know that you don't trust your distribution maintainers to
look after you. I deliberately don't statically link so that I can take
advantage of security updates.


(The original Lua packager for Debian :-)

Daniel Silverstone               
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