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Sports interaction aside, Berlin is one of my favorite sities, I must come! :D

Could give a talk on using Lumikki for websites (if the event is at spring), or Lua + Cairo graphical interaction (if the event is after summer). And show Lua performance on Nokia 770 Internet Tablet (if it's still on sale then.. ;)


Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoitti 11.11.2005 kello 13.39:

We started discussing the Lua Workshop 2005 exactly one year ago.
So, if we want to have a Lua Workshop 2006, perhaps it's time to start...

Jürgen Fuhrmann has suggested that we hold it in Berlin; he could help
organize it and even host it. Would that suit many people? Would the
World Cup in Germany get in the way? Any other volunteers?

The main point is of course whether to have a workshop or not.
Perhaps we should leave it to 2007 if we have exhausted interest in a
workshop during the Lua Workshop 2005... (In June 2007 we'll hopefully
present a paper on Lua at ACM HOPL in San Diego :-)

In any case, I'd rather someone else took the lead on this one.
A starting point would be wiki page like the one for 2005:

So, there.