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In message <> you wrote:

> >I represent such a tiny minority system that it would be quite out of
> >order to ask for any sort of representation in the standard
> >distribution, but I do hope that Lua sticks to its guns on the
> Are you sure? RISCOS is Arm based is it not? A popular Linux
> embedded platform is the Gumstix which is as the name suggests the
> size of a gum stick. It is StrongArm based. I'd have thought that
> Lua is close to the top candidate for Gumstix users.

That is good to hear. I know that the ARM prevails in a good slice
of the embedded market, so maybe that is something that the standard
Lua distribution should cater for. There has been some discussion about
RISC OS broadening its horizons to embrace the elf binary format (see
html:// ) which would bring it
more into line with the rest of the world, even some binary
compatibility maybe?

Gavin Wraith (
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