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On 10/28/05, Rici Lake <> wrote:
> Sure, I'd help with that, too.
> On 27-Oct-05, at 2:57 PM, Brett Kapilik wrote:
> > As far as editing/copyrighting goes, I for one would be glad to give
> > the menuscript a read-over/edit for you.  I have done a fair amount of
> > technical writing in my day, but am by no means a professional.
> > However, if enough community volunteers chip in we could probably get
> > a good edit going.  Who knows, maybe even some translation could take
> > place at that stage.  If you are not going with a big name publisher
> > than why not let the Lua community contribute to the Lua book?

i'd also like to help in this area.

may i also suggest
i have been on the Ruby list for some time and it *seems*
that they're doing a good job on this one.