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On Thu, Oct 27, 2005 at 03:08:06PM -0500, Rici Lake wrote:
> Sure, I'd help with that, too.
> On 27-Oct-05, at 2:57 PM, Brett Kapilik wrote:
> >As far as editing/copyrighting goes, I for one would be glad to give 
> >the menuscript a read-over/edit for you.  I have done a fair amount of 
> >technical writing in my day, but am by no means a professional.  
> >However, if enough community volunteers chip in we could probably get 
> >a good edit going.  Who knows, maybe even some translation could take 
> >place at that stage.  If you are not going with a big name publisher 
> >than why not let the Lua community contribute to the Lua book?
yup, to me it's always surprising how important translations are.
Even where most people are technically able to read english,
it comes with some discomfort, distracting from the topic,
so they rather digest "wie lerne ich PHP Quatsch in 21 Tagen".

Having it publisher free, so we can do translations,
would be great.

I would volunteer to do a few chapters of a german version.
Clearly it would be great to have Mike Pall as final editor
and authority for a german nomenclature.