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David Burgess wrote:

Have you considered not using a binding library?

We have. But we've decided to re-investigate it again because the person on my development team who is in charge of scripting and data management hasn't had very much time to spare these days, and we really want to get the ball rolling with our scripting interface so other parts of our project can move forward. Currently this is all we have:

It allows us to retrieve data from Lua files and we already know how to implement support for calling Lua functions from C++, but we're having difficulty understanding how to expose C++ classes to Lua so that class members may be read and modified with ease. It just seems like it would be a smarter move at this point to build upon work that's already been done rather than try and do things ourselves from scratch. But even if we were to not use a binding library, I would still have interest in this topic. :)

- Tyler