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I don't have experience with many different GUI toolkits, but maybe you could check out IUP:

I picked it up only recently, but so far I like it. If you go for minimal configuration you can get your app reasonably small, however for the more elaborate features it gets big quickly and requires some additional libraries. I've only tried it on LUA 5.0.2 so I don't know how well it works with 5.1 and its new package system.


From: Antero Vipunen <>
Reply-To: Lua list <>
To: Lua list <>
Subject: GUI-library lua binding
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 09:42:14 +0700


  I'm searching GUI-library lua binding with the following constraints:

(1) GUI-library should be lightweight
(2) GUI-library should support Win32 platforms (portability on *nix is not issue for me) (3) binding should be LuaThread/lua-5.1-alpha/package_proposal friendly (package_proposal friendly means it should be implemented as a .dll which I can require.)

  Are there any suitable solutions?

  Antero Vipunen.