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David Burgess wrote:

Lert me know if you find it.
Most things I have looked at have been
1) Heavyweight or
2) Non-viable on Win32 or
3) Restrictive in their bindings

I know it does not satisfy the first criteria, but wxLua satisfies the second two very well. It works like a champ on Win32 and gives great flexibility in GUI design. This is helped because wxWidgets has some great wysiwyg GUI design tools. These produce .xrc files, wxWidgets XML based GUI description format, which can be read using wxLua. This allows you to separate the GUI design from the controlling logic, which is important in our application.

And I guess it depends on what you mean by heavyweight. If you include the ability to instantiate all wxwidgets via wxLua, you will pull in about 3.4MB. But you can reduce this by configuring wxLua to only include a subset of wxwidgets. And this size is large in comparison to the Lua runtime, but not in terms of many other apps. And it gives you a very native Windows look and feel. And it is easily built and integrated, so it is pretty much an off-the-shelf solution.

Note, I am not affiliated with WxWidgets or any of its subsidiaries or holdings :-)

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