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On Wed, 28 Sep 2005 21:41:17 -0500 Rici Lake <> wrote:

If we have argued well, the powers that be will take note.


> Having said that, I do not favour adding 'goto' to Lua.

Me neither.  The more civilized variants will do just fine.

> Lua does not associate 'blocks' with looping constructs.


Agreed that the 'block' is an important and separate construct.
In my reading about and short experience with Lua it's
presented and behaves that way.

I removed some remarks about 'if else end' blocks from my post
for brevity.  Should have left them in.

In light of the scope surprise 'entangled' would have been better
than 'associated', since it seems like that's what happened to the
two constructs.

As a newcomer, I erred on the side of delicacy.  :-)

< good stuff about blocks and their place in Lua, clean constructs
and repeat >