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I have been looking for a visual debugger for Lua and I'm confused about the landscape out there. Some (like TitMouse) don't seem to be in active development. Others (like wxLua) don't seem particularly stable or documented at all. LuaIDE is pretty complete, but also does not look like it is being developed. LuaEdit seems to be the best of the bunch. But it is written in Delphi, so I can't hack on it to, for instance, make it run on 5.1.

Is anyone out there using anything that they like?

It seems to me that a nice debugging environment could be created mostly in Lua by piecing together Scite (with it's built-in Lua scriptng and Director interface) for the source display, RemDebug for the client side, and wxLua for the GUI. Is anyone working on anything like this already?

chris marrin                    "As a general rule,don't solve puzzles                 that open portals to Hell"