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On Thursday 08 September 2005 21:36, William Trenker wrote:
> Great work, Mike!  Do you have any plans for other targets? Are you
> open to suggestions? Can we take a poll?  I vote for embedded targets,
> specifically Mipsel linux-based devices.

Mipsel? Pah --- you (or at least I) want ARM!

> On another note, you've worked a lot with Lua 5.1 which is now heading
> towards release.  How comfortable do you feel commiting production
> code to 5.1 at this point?  Just curious for an expert opinion.

Indeed. The version of Lua we use internally (for build scripts, mostly) is 
5.0, and there are a number of incompatible 5.1 changes. Converting would be 
a fair amount of work. I'd be interested to hear what you think of 5.1.

Incidentally, looking through the LuaJIT code I couldn't find the bit where 
you're flushing the processor cache --- we have to do this a lot in our OS, 
and was wondering how you did it. On some platforms this can be a major 
performance hit; there are some processors that can't flush sections of the 
cache, only all of it, and if you do this frequently it can have ghastly 
performance issues. A JIT compiler could hit this a lot...

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