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El 30/08/2005, a las 18:22, Chris Marrin escribió:

I hate weighing in on things like this, but there are many more cases where Lua not only requires more keystroked, but is more arcane as well.

At risk of being beaten up endlessly, how is this done in Lua?

    struct list { struct list* next } list;
    list* l;
    ... fill the list ...
    for (list* p = l; p != 0; p = p->next) { ... }

How is that done in Lua? This is both trying to illustrate that C's for loop has nice flexibility, and trying to understand how you would do something like this in Lua! I would do it like this:

    local l = { }
    ... fill the list
    local p = l
    while p ~= nil do
        p =

Any nicer ways?

I propose the following:

local l = { }
... fill the list
for _,value in l do

Of course, you may also write:

local l = { }
... fill the list
table.foreachi(l, function(_,value) ... end)


Adrian Perez
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