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El 29/08/2005, a las 20:38, Aaron Brown escribió:

I also think that the dangling keywords after "end" are totally unneccessary. In fact, being concise is one of the things a I love from C; typing much more than '{' and '}' is wasted time. The Lua 'do...end' is only three extra letters, which I find acceptable, but for example Pascal "begin...end" blocks have _six_ extra letters...

Just my opinion.

The standard vim lua highlighter has the nice feature of colouring the end in function ... end a different colour than the end in do ... end.

Also, Vim's matchit plugin allows jumping between control flow keywords with the same key ("%") that normally jumps to the matching parenthesis. Do ":help matchit" for more details. [...]

WOW! Great Vim-tip for all the Vim users :-D
Dind't know about matchit, it's very nice. Thanks for the tip.

Adrian Perez
GPUL/CLUG member »
Por los puntos #20 y #54.

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