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> Erik Hougaard wrote:
> Activity is great, but maybe the Kepler Project should
> consider creating a seperate mailinglist for kepler releated stuff?

Fair. Just keep in mind that some of the modules maintained by the Kepler
team (such as LuaSQL, LuaExpat, Xavante, Copas etc) have many users out of
what would be called the "Kepler user base", and most of the mailing threads
involving such modules are not about their development, but about issues
found using them.

I understand the need of different lists, but I'm not sure if the split
should be done by now and, if/when the split comes, I'd prefer having one
for the language itself and another for every use of it (Kepler being just
one of them). Announcements on both lists could be identified by "[ANN]" in
the subject or something like that as Luiz pointed out.

Of course if Kepler modules/issues are generating that much noise, we can
create a separate list for them.

André Carregal