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Alain wrote:
> What I really wanted is this: a much simpler scripting language than
> LUA, but I want LUA to execute it. Building a language is too
> complicated and LUA does it well. But Lua is too complex to leave in the
> hands of normal users, this is why: they will write things that don't
> work, then they will call ME to fix it.

Well, perhaps LUA isn't what you're looking for then.  Writing a very
simple VM isn't very difficult depending upon your experience.  LUA is
essentially a stack-based VM with a large amount of opcodes.  Writing
a VM with very few opcodes may be something to consider.  This is a little
off-topic, but for a project a while back, I wrote a very small stack-based
VM which had only 3 opcodes.  PUSH, POP and CALL.  The CALL opcode called
an internal function referenced by an offset, and any items remaining on
the stack were used as output strings.  Sorry if this a little OT, but
in some situations, you need to know when you need to try a different

So, perhaps LUA isn't what you're looking for, or maybe you just need
to work harder to make it easier for the end-user, or perhaps you need
to throw together more documentation for the user.

Good luck!