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On 22-Aug-05, at 5:19 PM, Alain wrote:

He I come to explain myselt again: I don't want sandboxing. I want a program that allow be to test if the user is using lua functions *other*than*the*ones*I*allow*him*to*use* not even what most lua programers consider *normal* to a lua program.

You've been told how to do this, several times.

For this I believe I need something called a lexical analyser, so that I can allow only a sunset of normal LUA syntax.

Perhaps you should think about the possibility that your belief is incorrect.

A lexical analyzer will not tell you which Lua functions a program is using. However, you can arrange for only the functions you truly trust to be available in the Lua runtime. If the function is not loaded into the Lua runtime (or if it is deleted) then it is no longer available. Period.

It is perhaps slightly surprising that sandboxing Lua is quite simple, compared with other scripting languages. I hope that this feature will continue to receive high priority as the Lua packaging system develops.