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> Javier Guerra wrote (refering to William Trenker):

> having said that, your handler seems to be a bit closer to
> how i'd handle CGILua, but Andre convinced me of the value of VEnv (at
> for CGILua, given that it was designed with it in mind).  in the end, i
> to make the handler really similar to other CGILua launchers, to make the
> environment as similar as possible to them.
> maybe you're proving me wrong, and you really need more
> flexible handlers than the stock CGILuaHandler

True, but I still couldn't figure out what is needed that the current
handler can not do. CGILua does not handle HTTP status yet, but we are
working on that.

> or maybe you're proving me right on the other point, and show
> that CGILua doesn't need VEnv after all...

In fact it works without it, as long as you are really careful in the use of
globals and remembers to clean things after each request. But we decided to
play safe here.