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Quoting William Trenker <>:

> On 8/9/05, Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> > i haven't tried your code yet.  could you tell us what did you want but
> CGILua
> > doesn't do?
> Sure.  The application I'm working on is basically a redirection
> gateway.  Based on an analysis of httpd request data, including such

nice project, low demand but really in-the-core.

but i don't see why you had to create a new CGILua handler (apart from the non-
working redirect function).

having said that, your handler seems to be a bit closer to how i'd handle 
CGILua, but Andre convinced me of the value of VEnv (at least for CGILua, given 
that it was designed with it in mind).  in the end, i decided to make the 
handler really similar to other CGILua launchers, to make the environment as 
similar as possible to them.

maybe you're proving me wrong, and you really need more flexible handlers than 
the stock CGILuaHandler

or maybe you're proving me right on the other point, and show that CGILua 
doesn't need VEnv after all...

on a different theme, how do you find writing handlers?  the api isn't 
documented anywhere, so it has to be infered from the code.  do you think 
something big is missing? or confusing?