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On 8/9/05, Javier Guerra <> wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 August 2005 1:01 pm, William Trenker wrote:
> > I've attached the complete code for a simple, working Xavante handler
> > at the end of this message and would appreciate a critical review.
> i haven't tried your code yet.  could you tell us what did you want but CGILua
> doesn't do?

Sure.  The application I'm working on is basically a redirection
gateway.  Based on an analysis of httpd request data, including such
request headers as REMOTE-ADDR and others, the handler takes a number
of actions including soliciting additional information from the user
through cgilua scripts (forms), or redirecting the browser back out to
the Internet (using httpd redirection).  So with this amount of
dynamics I simply have one xavante/config.lua rule which directs all
requests to this one master xavante handler which then sorts things

With this approach, I need to invoke cgilua selectively from within
the Xavante handler.  So in addition to the request data provided by
xavante I call cgilua.getparams() to gather up any get/post data. 
Then, armed with all this information, the handler decides what to do.
 And in some cases fires off other scripts to solicit additional info
from the user or report status information.  (I should probably
investigate sajax at this point.)

Does this make any sense?