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Diego Nehab wrote:
> During the Lua Workshop, I noticed an interest on the use of Lua as an
> engine to power domain specific programming languages.  Luiz
> is working
> on a macro processor that would be a step in the direction of syntax
> customization.
> I believe we should go all the way. Lua is already highly
> customizable.
> It would be nice if there was support for the translation of custom
> languages to Lua, including new sugars, operators, literals etc, from
> within Lua itself.
> What does the list think about this? Depending on your needs,
> you would
> be able to taylor custom syntax and have your language be Powered By
> Lua.

Luiz's project has totally captivated my interest but, unfortunately, I
can't offer him much more than moral support, for now, due to ongoing
projects on a tight schedule.

In my case I am not trying to improve on/change Lua but rather trying to
address a legacy/domain specific issue while leveraging Lua and it is
certainly more attractive to have the pre-processing done on-the-fly as
opposed to in a separate step.