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So, boyko, I guess using sed is not conforming to the rules.
But as the idea of syntax changes even between minor
changes is becoming more popular, we may see a
pimp-your-syntax hook called by the compiler whenever
it's about to give in on strange code.

During the Lua Workshop, I noticed an interest on the use of Lua as an
engine to power domain specific programming languages.  Luiz is working
on a macro processor that would be a step in the direction of syntax

I believe we should go all the way. Lua is already highly customizable.
It would be nice if there was support for the translation of custom
languages to Lua, including new sugars, operators, literals etc, from
within Lua itself.

What does the list think about this? Depending on your needs, you would
be able to taylor custom syntax and have your language be Powered By