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Hi David,

what a coincidence! I was just playing with this exact fiber idea on Win32. Currently I'm just testing a first version. I was planning to post about it later but since you brought this up I'll provide my implementation a bit early. (It does not check thouroughly enough for all kinds of error conditions so be careful.)

My 'fiber' library is written for Win32 and Lua 5.0.2. It copies the coroutine semantics:

    fiber.resume(a_fiber [, args])

At least it builds and the first tests seem to come out OK... :-) Fibers should be resumable across C boundaries (the implementation does that already of course).

If a gc function yields we're into trouble though. I don't suppose that a gc can run while another gc is still suspended without causing some major damage...

Each fiber currently allocates a stack of default size. This could be tweaked if necessary.

Anyway, play around with it if you like!


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