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It would appear (from reading the doco) that Fibers in Win32, would 
allow a fairly easy implementation of C coros for Lua. These APIs
are fairly close to ucontext and could emulate the ucontext suite
of functions. See

Fibers are supported for 98/me and NT3.51 forward. Sorry no WIn95.

So, for recent *nix and Win32 there would seem to be a way to implement.

The older Unixes represent a bit of a problem. Would it be viable to 
implement C coroutines for Lua only for recent Unix and most Win32
I guess this would mean something like 

require 'coroutine'

would be needed to use coroutines.

At Lua build time it would not be too difficult to engineer a process that
only builds the C coro support if ucontext or fibers are available.

Is this sort of approach acceptable?

David B