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>         I am now stuck at this point.  Any advice on how to debug past this
> would be very welcome!

Are you using Windows or Unix?

If Windows then try changing the 
<                           ltn12.source.file("test.txt", "r")),
>                           ltn12.source.file("test.txt", "rb")),

The next step is to start adding diagnostic print() statements into

David B

On 8/3/05, Matthew Percival <> wrote:
> G'Day,
> > > I ran your test here. Worked fine.
> >
> >       That explains why I could not find anything wrong with it at least!
> > The problem may be filesystem based or something funny like that; I will
> > have to play around with anything external to the script I can find.
>         I seem to be at a loss as to what the problem may be, so I am just
> fishing for suggestions here.  The problem line for me seems to be the
> one below:
> body = ltn12.source.chain(
>                           ltn12.source.file("test.txt", "r")),
>                           ltn12.filter.chain(
>                                              mime.encode("quoted-printable"),
>                                              mime.wrap()
>                                             )
>                          )
>         If I replace it with `body = "some string"' then everything works
> perfectly fine --- my email client even interprets "some string" as
> being an attachment.  If I leave the line as-is, however, the script
> seems to hang at the part where it sends the email.  I tried looking at
> the ltn12.lua file, to see what these functions do, but they did not
> seem to be doing anything all that outrageous: I would have expected
> they should work just as well as everything else.
>         I have ruled out the filesystem as being the problem: if I do `file =
>"test.txt", "r")', I can use the file as I would normally expect
> to.  I also tested the ltn12.source.file() function with the following
> (based on the wiki example):
> for chunk in ltn12.source.file("test.txt", "r")) do
>         io.write(chunk)
> end
>         This worked fine, so I suppose it is safe to say that this part is OK.
> Again, using the wiki to help, I expanded upon this:
> chain = ltn12.filter.chain(mime.encode("quoted-printable"), mime.wrap())
> for chunk in ltn12.source.file("test.txt", "r")) do
> io.write(chain(chunk), "\n")
> end
>         This resulted in a slightly different output, but I assume that is what
> I should expect.  At the very least, I received an output very quickly,
> while my email hangs a long time and never sends.  I would have also
> tested ltn12.source.chain() like this, but I was not sure how; at any
> rate, I know that the input it receives should work, so I am not sure
> why the script hangs on it.
>         I am now stuck at this point.  Any advice on how to debug past this
> would be very welcome!
>         -- Matthew