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	Thanks for the prompt reply.  I received the email from the script too:
thanks for testing it!

> To send an HTML message, all you have to do is send a "content-type"
> header as "text/html". To send an HTML message that also has a plain
> text version, you will have to work a little. These are
> "multipart/alternative" instead of "multipart/mixed". Right now, the easiest
> way to do it is to create a filter that replaces the first occurence of 
> "multipart/mixed" to "multipart/alternative" and chain it with the
> source returned by smtp.message before passing the result to smtp.send.
> I will think of a better way to do this before I release the final
> version of LuaSocket.

	I figured a basic HTML email would be easy enough... I think I may pass
on sending HTML *and* plain, but I may try that in future.  I shall have
to play with this right away though!

> I ran your test here. Worked fine.

	That explains why I could not find anything wrong with it at least!
The problem may be filesystem based or something funny like that; I will
have to play around with anything external to the script I can find.

	-- Matthew