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Thanks for the reply.
Since the web server that runs at my ISP is Apache, and there is no Lua binaries installed over there, I ask you: if I get CGILua binary compiled by someone in this list, is it easy to install it on the server? I mean all I have to do is to upload it to the same directory where my scripts will be?

2005/5/17, Romulo Bahiense <>:

> Yet I am not sure if I its possible to write CGI programs ONLY using
> lua 5.0binary. Can you tell me?

        I can tell: Yes, it is possible. With io.stdin, io.stdout and
os.getenv, you have everything to write a cgi app. But you'll have to
write your own support routines[1] or get borrowed from cgilua (or


[1] Routines like (en|de)code url strings, read post/multipart data etc.

Carlos Lorenz