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On Tuesday 17 May 2005 8:16 am, Carlos Lorenz wrote:
> My question is: is it possible to do the same with the Lua binary? in other
> words to write CGI scripts with Lua is allways necessary to use CGILua or
> not?

if you want Lua CGI scripts with the style of CGILua, then you need CGILua.

> By the way are there CGILua binaries to dowload anywhere or I do have to
> make CGILua from the source?

LuaBinaries are a very young thing; but i'm sure somebody could compile it for 
you if you can't do it yourself.  remember that the only thing that have to 
be compiled is the launcher.

you'd have to tell us what platform and webserver do you use, of course

if you use Xavante, there's no binary needed!


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