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On Tuesday 17 May 2005 9:27 am, Carlos Lorenz wrote:
> Javier,
> Thanks for the reply.
> Since the web server that runs at my ISP is Apache, and there is no Lua
> binaries installed over there, I ask you: if I get CGILua binary compiled
> by someone in this list, is it easy to install it on the server? I mean all
> I have to do is to upload it to the same directory where my scripts will
> be?

Apache can use three different CGILua launchers:

CGI:  the slowest of all
FastCGI:  much better
mod2: specific for Apache, the fastest

mod2 has to be installed by the apache administrator; it's a module, much like 

FastCGI is a stand-alone process that get's requests from Apache, usually put 
in the /cgi-bin/ directory.  needs some setup in the apache.conf (or 
httpd.conf); i don't know if an .htaccess is enough to enable it

CGI is usually put in the /cgi-bin/ also, but i think it can be enabled 
with .htaccess

but to be honest, i haven't used any of them


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