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Julien MARBACH wrote:
> DC a écrit :
> >CC = arm-elf-gcc
> >AR = arm-elf-ar rcu
> >RANLIB = arm-elf-ranlib
> I'm working on lua-5.0.2 and the sources & makefiles are differently 
> organised but I've changed CC, AR & RANLIB like you did (except that I 
> build for coldfire so I use the m68k-elf toolchain). I also customised 
> the CFLAGS and LAFLAGS to meet the needs of my taget platform. The 
> compilation succeded and lua runs flawlessly on my project board.

I have one recommendation for those of you that regularly cross-compile:
Don't change the Makefiles by hand, rather change your path with
a wrapper and symlink the cross-compiler toolchain there.

Here's an example with the above toolchain names:

mkdir -p /usr/local/cross-arm-elf/bin
cd /usr/local/cross-arm-elf/bin
ln -s `which arm-elf-gcc` gcc
ln -s `which arm-elf-gcc` cc
ln -s `which arm-elf-ar` ar
ln -s `which arm-elf-ranlib` ranlib
... and so on for the whole toolchain (ld, strip, as, size, nm, ...)

Then create /usr/local/bin/aerun:

export PATH
exec "$@"

Use it like 'aerun gcc -c ...'.

And for convenience create /usr/local/bin/aemake:

export PATH
# Set extra environment variables here or pass them to make.
exec make "$@"

Now you only need to type 'aemake' whenever you have a reasonably
portable Makefile (such as Lua) and you get a cross-compiled binary.
Simple, huh?

[Yes, you still need to take care of the lua_Number stuff by hand.
 But then, since there are only three reasonable variants ...
 maybe this should be part of the standard luaconf.h, anyway?]
You can even do this with 'configure' by passing the --target,
--host and --build options (you may want to use a different --cache
file, too). Makes cross-compiling a real snap.