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> If I may make a suggestion, it would be great if all the core keppler
> libs came in one package (tarball) with a central makefile (like how
> say, projects like xfce do it).  Keppler could be released as
> "releases", say - and list the versions of the components included.
> eg.

We are already doing this, but things got a little more complicated than we
expected on the way. Currently there is a working Windows setup and Linux
makefile, but they are still not as easy to use as we wanted. Yes, Kepler is
versioned and there is a list of the included modules and their versions for
each release.

Since we've started packaging Kepler some very important changes in the
ecosystem have happened (Compat-5.1 and LuaBinaries for example). Our
dev/build/pack/install/config procedures have changed a lot during this
evolution and we choose deliberately to hold the release until things were a
bit clearer. Documentation also has to reflect those structure changes, so
even more delays were added.

We fully understand that not releasing a product on the right time is risky.
On the other hand, releasing it and changing the whole structure too many
times can make early adopters somewhat skeptics about the product future. We
choose one strategy and may have been too conservative, let's see what
happens after the release.

Please bear with us, we believe Kepler is a great product and we hope to
offer a nice experience for its users.


Andre Carregal