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DC a écrit :

Julien MARBACH wrote:

Hello there,
I would like to build lua for uClinux. I've searched this mailing list archive and found that the subject have been once discussed but it hasn't resolved my problem. I have to modify the lua makefile to make it ucLinux-compatible i. e. change the compiler to m68k-elf-gcc, change libC to ucLibc ...
If anybody has ever done it, any help would be welcome.

I just did this for with 5.1 work 5. Only changes were to lua/src/Makefile:

CC = arm-elf-gcc
AR = arm-elf-ar rcu
RANLIB = arm-elf-ranlib

I also changed LUA_NUMBER from double to int.

Thank you for sharing your experience.
I'm working on lua-5.0.2 and the sources & makefiles are differently organised but I've changed CC, AR & RANLIB like you did (except that I build for coldfire so I use the m68k-elf toolchain). I also customised the CFLAGS and LAFLAGS to meet the needs of my taget platform. The compilation succeded and lua runs flawlessly on my project board.