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Or perhaps conditional operation to adopt to Linux, OS X etc. specially.

I think it'd be less nuisance for everyone to have the most common platforms supported directly. Then, if someone has problems with the conditionals, they could simply remove them. Now, every non-Linux user is expected to edit.

# If conditionals cause you a problem, simply remove the block below
ifneq "$(windir)" ""
 ifeq "$(shell uname)" "Linux"
  MYLDFLAGS= -Wl,-E		# enable dynamic loading in Linux
  MYLIBS= -lm -ldl		# enable dynamic loading in Linux
 ifeq "$(shell uname)" "Darwin"

23.3.2005 kello 05:22, Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo kirjoitti:

 Just comment out the whole "DL= ..." line in src/Makefile for OSX.

Or just do "make DL=" at the top level...

Does that warrant a top-level "macosx" target just for that? Or perhaps
a note in INSTALL suffices?