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You can compile the SDL module against plain Lua, too.

It _will_ require some tweaking, but I'll be happy to help. The reason it's a bit special is because of the gluax linkage macros, but we can make them map 1->1 to raw Lua API.

So.. tell me if you're interested. I won't do it for you, but I will help. :)


21.3.2005 kello 17:02, Mark Swinson kirjoitti:


has anyone got the complete source for LuaSDL so that I can recompile it to
work with Lua5.0, or even better, a binary that works with Lua5.0.

I've been told there is a version that works with LuaCheia , but I don't want all the extras that it provides. I want to use the core distribution.