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On Thursday 17 March 2005 2:33 pm, PA wrote:
> Excellent! Talking of HTTP servers, does anyone feel like implementing
> a WebDAV service?

Xavante keeps the full plug-in architecture of luahttpd; my original plans 
were to do a webDAV module. i even wrote the first stages (get the query and 
expand the XML with LuaExpat and LOM), but i got lost in the multitude of 
small things in DAV complexity.  around then Andre asked about merging our 
projects, and it consumed most of my free time...

anyway, the current structure is far more solid than it was when i was the 
only tester, and it shows its promise.  as some may remember, i ported SAJAX 
to CGILua, it runs fairly well, but then i added a xavante-specific 
optimization that dynamically turns the registered functions into plugins, 
directly handled by the URL parser (it's included in the xavante release).  
the roundtrip time of a remote function fell more than a factor of 10, making 
it more than 4 times faster than Apache/PHP!

to get back to your question; yes, i plan to build a WebDAV plugin, hopefully 
one not as tightly bound to the filesystem as Apache/mod_dav.  I want to make 
it export any abstract datastore, and make the filesystem a plugin to the dav 


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