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Lua 5.1 (work5) is now available for testing at

The main change in this version is the removal of generational garbage
collection and new parameters for controling the incremental garbage

An experimental new feature is the addition of "environments" for C
functions and userdata. So, lua_set/getfenv now work for these types as
well as for Lua functions. An environment is simply a Lua table that you
can use as you please. For C functions, they can replace upvalues with
advantages. (For instance, the C functions in a library can share data.)

There are probably several other small changes that we forget right now...

All the usual caveats of work versions still apply, including the lack
of documentation and the plea for your feedback, specially about GC.

This is probably the last work version before 5.1 (alpha), for which no ETA
currently exists. :-)

Thanks and enjoy.