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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
Lua 5.1 (work5) is now available for testing at

Looks good here.  Particularly, removing generational collection
(as with disabling it in work4) brings lua5.1's former memory
growth problems quite well under control.

I still find gcpace a bit high for my tastes (I reduce it to
135 for a ~30% drop in peak mem usage and no measured performance
change), but that's a minor matter, and overridable at runtime,
so I'm happy.

One GC observation which might help or interest someone is that
(absolute-speed measurements aside, which within reasonable
tuning ranges didn't affect the performance of my applications)
changing gcpace within the 130-200 range doesn't perceptibly
affect 'smoothness', while changing gcstepmul within the 200-800
range increasingly caused noticable pauses in the game (like lua
5.0's GC pauses) as gcstepmul increased.

Everything seems stable and predictable here.

Adam D. Moss   -