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Luiz Henrique de Figueiredo wrote:
> An experimental new feature is the addition of "environments" for C
> functions and userdata.

The latter is certainly tremendously useful for implementing arbitrary
object containers, proxies and other interesting things in C (one downside
is the increased memory usage for all userdata objects).

> There are probably several other small changes that we forget right now...

#define LUA_VERSION_NUM   501
#define LUA_POF           "luaopen_"

Thanks! :-)

And package.loaders is nice, too.

First bug report ... the fix to the tailcall+vararg bug in lvm.c near
OP_TAILCALL is wrong:

 if (L->openupval) luaF_close(L, base);

This should be ci->base, because base may be invalid after luaD_precall.

And a question:

Why have you added parentheses around all function names in all public
header files? This may screw up quite a few code analysis tools
(and maybe some older compilers, too?). In any case, I've never seen
this anywhere else.