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After a vast amount of effort, I'd like to announce that I've finally completed my flagship product - Sprite Studio!

And first off, I'd like to thank you all for all your help on this list, as Sprite Studio has lua fully embedded in it, and I could not have built this product without Lua and without the help from all you helpful and generous souls on this list!

+----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---+

So, what is Sprite Studio? It is a General Purpose 2D Multimedia Authoring Environment designed to empower users to create three primary types of content:

   • Desktop Content:

Create Custom, Stand-Alone, Fully-Interactive, Graphic- and Animation-Intensive cross-platform Mac/Window Desktop Applications (no Mac or Windwos development knowledge necessary). Think of quickly making games, edutainment, eBooks, kiosks, presentations, simulations, UI Mockups, CD-ROMs, Interactive Documentation and more.

(Aside: remember a while back on this list, someone asked if there are any development environments that use Lua and can be used to create stand-alone executable apps - well, Sprite Studio is just such a development environment! And does exactly that! Think of it as an IDE with lua as its scripting language: drag-n-drop your image, sound, movie, animation and font assets, arrange and configure them, then finally define lua scripts to fully orchestrate their behavior, interaction, and so on!)

   • Web Content:

Design and output Static or Animated GIF Banners, Linear Flash Movies, and JPEG images for the web. From the very simple to the heavily animated and quite sophisticated.

   • QuickTime Content:

Create QuickTime movies from scratch or take an existing one and output a new movie of it with additional Titling, Transitions, Effects, Animations and much more.

+----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---+

I'd really appreciate it if you take a look at Sprite Studio - just check it out, please! Being an individual developer of a full-fledged product, its supporting website, documentation and so on has been such a monumental task for me that it'd mean a lot if you took at look at my final product.

My main web site:
Sprite Studio page:
Sample SS output:
Free Trial download:

More impressive samples will come in the months ahead as I (and others) can now begin to use Sprite Studio in earnest.

By the way, the animated banners on my website were (of course) made in Sprite Studio!

+----------------------------------------------------------------------- ---+

Again, I really appreciate all the help all of you have contributed to me and ultimately to this project over the past many, many months. I could not have built Sprite Studio without all your input and shared experience and knowledge.

A huge thanks to you all!

Ando Sonenblick
   SpriTec Software