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> Mike Pall pointed me to the code that handles it along with a 
> suggestion on how to make it work. I will probably play 
> around with it at some point (I'm already spending time away 
> from work I *should* be doing!). 
> For now I just want to discuss it.

I posted this in another thread, but let me do it here where it applies more
directly and won't get lost:

LuaPlus does this, if anybody needs full implementation details.  Most is in
ltm.c, but there are a couple extra items in lvm.c, lstate.c/h and possibly
lbaselib.c, as I recall.  And, since LuaPlus also supports wide character
strings, the method of string access is identical, making my life much

s = "Hello"

s = L"Hello"

I, for one, have found it super convenient, and I would love to see it
rolled into the core one day.