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"Aaron Brown" <> wrote:
(22/02/2005 16:10)

>Crow wrote:
>> All newlines are CR LF (\r\n, 0D 0A). While they were
>> mixed types in the original archive source, this is
>> something I've been careful to fix, and verify, before
>> posting this stuff.
>This has nothing to do the regular expression problem, but
>it's good practice to, whenever possible, use only "\n" as
>an end-of-line marker within your code and think of "\r" as
>a weird control character that only your operating system
>and/or the author of the C input/output library has to worry
>about, or that maybe you have to worry about, but only in a
>separate conversion step (e.g., normalize line endings to
>your platform's convention in a separate step and from then
>on only open the file in text mode).
>(Take this as general advice that may or may not be
>applicable to your specific situation.)
>Say hi to Tom Servo for me,

ok :)
That's what I had done; just means knocking off one line of code to use the 0A on its own. I like the idea of just 0A, but was working on W98SE and decided something might choke if I needed to try some other tool...

Tom Servo?
I'd have understood better if it had been 'Tom Baker'. >:) But I set up a new mail, and my old one (lostgallifreyan, or the_doctor) won't be heading these mails unless I change something. :)