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Crow wrote:

> All newlines are CR LF (\r\n, 0D 0A). While they were
> mixed types in the original archive source, this is
> something I've been careful to fix, and verify, before
> posting this stuff.

This has nothing to do the regular expression problem, but
it's good practice to, whenever possible, use only "\n" as
an end-of-line marker within your code and think of "\r" as
a weird control character that only your operating system
and/or the author of the C input/output library has to worry
about, or that maybe you have to worry about, but only in a
separate conversion step (e.g., normalize line endings to
your platform's convention in a separate step and from then
on only open the file in text mode).

(Take this as general advice that may or may not be
applicable to your specific situation.)

Say hi to Tom Servo for me,