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I noticed today that some of the information in Lua wiki's "Lua vs. Python" page is somewhat outdated. I hope no-one will mind me fixing them, here's a list of what I intend to do (later today):

now: "this is being resolved in Lua with the new global keyword. Upvalues were also a little quirky but now there is lexical scoping in Lua. Python is potentially easier to script for inexperienced scripters/game designers."

-> "this is being resolved in Lua with the "-w" flag (Lua 5.1, doable with metamethods also in earlier versions)."

now: "(-) Programs are much more error prone, due to automatic coercian, accessing of unset variables without an exception, and having to check most functions for nil values, rather than just catching the exceptions. There may be some advantages to some of these points however."

-> "Without the "-w" flag (Lua 5.1), programs are.." (or remove it altogether?)

now: "(-) LUA handles only one type of numbers, usually C doubles, which often leads to overwhelming processing. You should look at the work Python does to add two integers, and think about what overwhelming processing might mean. (In Python, every integer outside of the range [-1, 100) is freshly allocated, for example.)

-> "(-) Lua ..., usually C doubles or floats, which can lead to ..."
+ "Lua number type can easily be changed at compile time, even to 'int' or 'long', but having no floating point support might not be enough."

"(-) Lack of binary bitwise operations (or, and, xor..) unless awkward library functions or other extensions (s.a. patches) are used."