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Mike Pall wrote:
It's all there: demand, discussion, docs, patches.
Waiting for 5.2 means waiting another 1-2 years. Sad.

That is sad, but hopefully the most disruptive period of
Lua 5.1 development is over so it should be fairly
straightforward to continue to distribute the RVM patch
as a patch or even a fork, in the meantime, without having
to track too much 5.1-vanilla evolution.

i.e. until a merge happens in the future (which shouldn't
be technically very tough because of the Lua team's
conservativeness towards large changes towards the end of
development and stability cycles), interested and discerning
Lua users will still likely be using and tracking changes
to the RVM 'fork'.

On the other hand, my grasp on the Lua source is pretty
mediocre but the RVM patch looks laudibly unintrusive
overall, and if it were to be the main change from 5.1
to 5.2 then I'd be stunned if it took more than a couple of
months for the Lua authors to grok, alpha, beta and
release 5.2 (though such a guess makes terrible assumptions
about everyone's workload and motivation :)), especially
if some people were adopting RVM during the 5.1 timeframe
to shake out any bugs in parallel.

> everyone who wants/needs this patch, please write to
> the list _now_

I don't believe that many people _need_ the patch at the
moment because if they come from 5.0/5.1 then they won't yet
be relying on the control patterns which 5.1 forbids and RVM
allows.  But I'm amongst the group of users saying 'wow, I
reckon the RVM patch would make life [i.e. my code] rather

Adam D. Moss   -