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On Feb 16, 2005, at 13:22, Mike Pall wrote:

This is not very helpful since you omitted the debug info for '0x0002f190'.

This was the content of the system generated lua.crash.log... the system would like to offer its humble apologies for not providing enough information to exactly pinpoint the problem...

I have the suspicion that this is a crash in one of your loaded modules
because the base address differs so much from the Lua core addresses.

Ok... the only additional module I have loaded is LuaFileSystem (LFS)... but somehow I doubt this is causing problem... on the other hand, one never know.

Oh and since you posted the same dump a few days ago I'm confident that
it is not related to my -rvm patch. :-)

Yes... I'm not blaming you... it looks like a GC problem... something it crashes... sometime it doesn't...