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PA wrote:
> 0   <<00000000>> 	0x0002f190 0 + 0x2f190
> 1   lua  	0x000091a8 luaD_call + 0x78

This is not very helpful since you omitted the debug info for '0x0002f190'.
I have the suspicion that this is a crash in one of your loaded modules
because the base address differs so much from the Lua core addresses.

Let the program run and check which module is loaded around that area
(don't ask me how to do this on OSX .. on Linux you'd have to look into
/proc/$pid/maps). Then subtract the base address and try to find out
which symbol this is.

Oh and since you posted the same dump a few days ago I'm confident that
it is not related to my -rvm patch. :-)