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> At first glance, projects along the lines of instiki (wiki),
> textpattern (content management) or track (source control) would be
> worthwhile candidates:
> Or perhaps a little bit of all the above and turn the existing
> "LuaForge" into an out-of-the-box application to handle most software
> development issues.
> Such a project could be used as a sort of "poster child" for the Lua
> programming language.
> Thoughts?

We are working on a project (off and on) that provides a very thin desktop
application development platform borrowing the concepts from "Java Web
Start", "Embedding IE/Mozilla Browser in your application", "Embedding
SQLITE", "Embedded Web Server"  - THTTPD is currently being evaluated,
"Oracle's HTMLDB", "TCL StarKit", "MBUS:"; and a
modified (for performance) single E(ntity)-A(ttribute)-V(alue) database

In this scheme, users/authors of 'Lualets' create useful applications by
focusing on just the logic, not having to worry about the UI, the transport
or the storage aspects.  'Lualets' can subscribe to the pull or push model,
the 'Lualets' can be updated and versioned with the same ease as in Java Web
Start. And best of all, the 'Lualets' can talk to each other in a LAN or
within the node.

That is just a brief of the concept - there is more. I and my partner have
been toiling with it for quite some time now, but clearly it takes more
resources to see the vision come through. If there is interest we can
consider releasing what we have so far (mostly documents and some
bootstrapping code, database design, and heck a lot of references).

Vijay Aswadhati

PS: I personally do not like the name 'Lualet', and it would be super to
hear a name in native language that embodies the above concept.

PPS: Some of the borrowed concepts are not borrowed, but no one will believe
if we claim we thought of it first ;-)