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> In Lua 5.1 (work4) this seems to have been updated and should work with
> 16-bit ints. Lua is written with portability in mind but I don't know if
> there are any other gotchas around.
   I see, thanks. Then perharps it is a better idea to start modifying
the code just in case. I guess that lua works just fine under
platforms for which the following is generally true (please correct me
if I'm wrong, I'm quite a newbie when it comes to lua):

   sizeof( char ) == 1
   sizeof( short ) == 2
   sizeof( int ) == sizeof( long ) == 4
   sizeof( long long ) == 8
   sizeof( float ) == 4
   sizeof( double) == 8

    Please let me know if this is correct.
    Thank you,

    Bogdan M.